Let's start at the beginning!  Cake consultation can take place in person at your venue or by post and email. Cake tasting boxes are delivered to your door by overnight service on a Friday, for you to enjoy that evening together.  A tasting box includes four of our favourite flavours.  Every element of every cake is made from scratch in our own studio.  Curds, caramels, buttercreams, pralines and jams are all freshly made with the finest ingredients from around the world to make every slice divine.


As much attention to detail goes into the inside of your cake as the outside.  We encourage different flavour combinations, and if you do not see something on our favourites that you would like to try, please e-mail us to discuss.


Once you have secured your date with us, the design process commences.  We draw inspiration from architecture, nature, fashion, and of course you.  We love to hear about your journey, the other elements of your day and what you want from your cake.  It is equally exciting if you have no idea what you are looking for and would like us to take the lead.


Cake Tasting Cake Consultation